Cricket Announces Partnership with Haystax

March 06, 2019

Cricket Property Management is a property management franchisor

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 06, 2019 -- Cricket Property Management (Cricket) has announced a partnership with Haystax Financial Inc. (Haystax), the industry leader in online fulfilment of residential mortgages, renewals and financing.

“Investment property owners often have a mortgage on their rental property or are using the equity in that property to purchase more rental units,” says Thomas Zhang, Co-Founder of Cricket. “Strategic advice from a mortgage professional is invaluable for landlords, and allows them to continue to grow their property portfolio.”

Cricket is a property management franchisor that delivers professional property management services to owners and tenants across the country. A value-added benefit for investment property owners is the comprehensive performance review of each property that Cricket manages. This review establishes performance benchmarks for income and expenses and tracks ongoing performance over time. Cricket uses this data to determine how well an individual property is doing and enables the company to make calculated recommendations to owners to improve the performance of their property.

“At Cricket, we look at the total performance of a rental property to determine its best use and actively look at ways to increase owner revenue and lower overall costs,” says Kap Hiroti, Co-Founder of Cricket. “A rental property can be a profitable asset or a worrisome liability, and the company an owner chooses to manage their property has a direct impact on that outcome.”

Part of Cricket’s comprehensive performance review includes an evaluation of total debt servicing costs, which includes mortgages and lines of credit associated with the investment property. Cricket fosters active partnerships with leading providers in the financial services industry such as Haystax to provide value-added insight for clients.

“Cricket Property Management is the most innovative property management company in the space,” says Paul Therien, CEO of Haystax. “As a forward-thinking financial services company, it is important that we align with best in class organizations to provide our clients with outstanding service. Cricket is the top of their class and this partnership is a natural fit.”

To find out more about Cricket, our property management services or information about becoming a franchisee, visit or call (888) 881-1777.

About Cricket
Cricket Property Management is a property management franchisor specializing in rental property management services. Cricket works with its network members and partners to provide professional real estate management services to rental property owners and investors. Cricket offers a franchised business opportunity for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business with a guaranteed recurring revenue stream.

About Haystax
Haystax is Canada’s first online brokerage to offer a simple approach to a complicated process. We provide an uncomplicated online, impartial, and transparent process. No more bank appointments, broker meetings or lengthy waits, our technology does the work for you. Get qualified for a mortgage in a matter of minutes from the comfort of anywhere, anytime! For more information visit us at

Media Contact
Kap Hiroti
(888) 881-1777

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