Cricket Announces Partnership with Certn

Cricket Property Management is a Property Management Franchisor

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 28, 2019 -- Cricket Property Management (Cricket) has announced a strategic partnership with Certn, the leading authority in credibility evaluation and screening for landlords, financial institutions and employers.

“One of the biggest challenges facing landlords across Canada, and globally, is effective screening of prospective tenant applicants” says Kap Hiroti, Co-Founder of Cricket Property Management. “Effective screening enables landlords to mitigate rental income loss and potential tenancy issues by identifying credit and habit markers during the application screening process.”

With Cricket, property owners can rest assured that their rental property is being managed professionally from start to finish. This includes full and effective screening of tenants, approved tenant placement, collection of rents, rigorous inspections, coordination of maintenance, monthly financial accounting and statements.

“By integrating Certn’s technology with Cricket’s proprietary management platform, Cricket is at the cutting edge of tenant screening in the property management industry” says Thomas Zhang, Co-Founder of Cricket Property Management. “This has tangible benefits for our landlord clients and franchisees, as less time is spent dealing with collection and litigation issues.”

Property managers traditionally rely on basic references and their ‘gut’ when reviewing prospective tenant applications. Cricket goes above and beyond to verify and validate tenant applicant information which includes the ability to scan credit history, public criminal and court records, adverse media, fraud watchlists and known affiliations with gangs or terrorist networks.

“Technology is the driving force for innovation in the property management space, and Cricket Property Management is leading the way” says Evan Dalton, C3O of Certn. “This is the future of professional property management in Canada and great news for investment property owners and tenants.”

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About Cricket

Cricket Property Management is a property management franchisor specializing in rental property management services. Cricket works with its network members and partners to provide professional real estate management services to rental property owners and investors. Cricket offers a franchised business opportunity for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business with a guaranteed recurring revenue stream.

About Certn

Certn is the leading applicant screening platform for property management and HR. Certn goes above and beyond just credit information to give a full view of your applicant. Certn uses data from thousands of publicly available records and incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to evaluate prospects.

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