About Us

Our Approach

Cricket is Canada’s leading property management company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in residential rental management, Cricket provides exceptional customer service and has a reputation for delivering results for our clients.


Our Story

Property Management is an industry that is ripe for disruption. Typical property management companies are independent, mom-and-pop operations who have been "set in their ways" for decades. At Cricket, we continually perfect the automation, processes, systems, and technology to invigorate an old and tired way of doing business.


Our Founders

Kap Hiroti

Mr. Hiroti is a 50% owner of Cricket and ranked Top 100 in the world for pioneering property management franchising.

Thomas Zhang

Mr. Zhang is a 50% owner of Cricket and an avid investor in the capital markets.


Our Advisors

Evan Dalton

C3O @ Certn

Evan Dalton has nearly a decade of entrepreneurship and corporate sales experience. With a wide breadth of successful ventures under his belt in property management, real estate, and payments he is regarded as one of the leaders in his space.


Ross Ladell

CEO @ RFG Software

Over the past 21 years, Ross has worked on projects for Disney, EA, Nike, National Geographic, Nokia, Effective UI, and many others. When he isn’t running RFG Software, you will find him tinkering in his garage workshop.


Blair Rebane

Partner @ BLG

Based in Vancouver, Blair has extensive experience with advising franchisors in all types of franchise matters, and also practises in the area of contract law, with an emphasis on landlord/tenant matters, construction disputes and creditors’ remedies.


Paul Therien

CEO @ Haystax

Paul has over 27 years executive experience in financial services. He is one of the most awarded and recognized leaders in the mortgage industry and is the only person to be included in the Canadian Mortgage Professionals Hot List five times from 2013 until 2017.